Greetings, AYB! Jack McBastard here again with another episode of Digital Fiasco. This week we discuss PewDiePie’s Fiverr gaffe and how his sense of humor has negatively impacted his reputation. (Featuring Guest-host Albel_88!)

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WARNING: May contain profanity, mature content, and talk of that terrible Codemasters game, Damnation

Episode 20: Is PewDiePie His Own Worst Enemy?

  • (1:58) Albel_88 plays Black Desert Online
  • (5:38) Albel_88 plays Dragon Quest VII: Journey of the Cursed King
  • (9:52) Jack McBastard plays Yakuza 0
  • (22:09) Discs, Downloads and DLC
  • (32:31) Switch Disappointment: Week 5
  • (38:04) Apocalypse Now game kickstarter cancelled
  • (43:38) Microsoft’s E3 schedule (and speculation on content)
  • (48:00) Bethesda conspiracy!
  • (49:43) Random musings on Destiny and Phantasy Star Online
  • (52:12) Capcom talks with investors about Dead Rising 4‘s reviews
  • (54:57) Capcom misunderstands the reason for Resident Evil VII‘s weak sales
  • (57:46) Sony guts PlayStation Now
  • (1:01:15) Rebellion invites people to 2000AD
  • (1:04:37) Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy release date revealed
  • (1:08:02) Mafia III DLC: Faster Baby, Stones Unturned, Sign of the Times
  • (1:13:50) Starbreeze announces Payday 3 is in development
  • (1:18:08) PewDiePie: Pushing the Envelope
  • (1:49:35) The Options Menu: Second Chances
  • (1:50:04) Second Chances: Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • (2:00:08) Second Chances: Singularity
  • (2:07:14) Outtro

Jack McBastard and Dandr0id (and Albel_88) are contributors for AYBOnline. Their opinions are their own. For example, its easier to get away with saying controversial things when losing 20% of your audience is 5 people.