In 2001, AYBOnline was just a small internet cafe in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In order to accommodate the demands of the professional gaming community AYBOnline started hosting public ‘LAN’ parties. By 2003 LANs were being held 3 times a year in conjunction with board gaming, Warhammer and Japanese anime. Eventually, AYBOnline directed its focus to competitive gaming and started to host some of the largest gaming tournaments in central Canada and the northern United States, these events have become known as BaseLAN.

In order to propagate interest in professional gaming events throughout Canada, AYBOnline assists other organizations by donating infrastructure, staff and expertise. By working with associations such as the Kinsman group (kincanada.ca), sponsoring participants in ExtraLife, and hosting qualifiers for e-Sports organizations like WCG Canada, Cyberathelete Professional League, and Blizzard, AYBOnline aims to host the largest new media, gaming, electronics and technology exhibition in Canada.